Send Us Files

kelly-graphics_upload-buttonThere are two options for sending us files electronically – FTP or email.

To send a file via FTP:
You must have File Transfer Protocol software, such as Fetch or Transmit. You can download a free trial version WS_FTP or other pc compatable software at under software utilities. For Apple, we like transmit, which is available at Also, you’ll need to call us so that we can set up a separate folder for you on our server. Once we have set you up, we’ll email you the server, user name and password for your folder. We’re also happy to talk you through the use of FTP software.

To send a file via email:
Files that you want to email can be sent to As a general rule, files that are larger then ten megs should be sent via FTP, as it is much much faster. Though, we get emails as large as twenty megs without a problem.